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Procorem Early Access Program

The Procorem Early Access Program

The past year has been quite a whirlwind for the Procorem product team and our customers.  We have been growing in the number of customers and learning new and amazing ways in which people are using Procorem every day to manage core elements of their business processes.  At that same time, we have released three major features aimed at fully supporting our customers.  Configurable Security Roles, Enterprise Task Management and Procorem Project Templates are all based on feedback we have heard directly from our customers.

Without your feedback and comments, Procorem wouldn’t be able to grow in line with your business needs.  With that in mind, we are taking a more structured approach towards gathering product feedback to make sure you are heard.

Procorem Early Access Program Overview

The Procorem Early Access Program is designed to give participants a first look at features in Procorem before they are released to the general public.  By giving you an opportunity to weigh in early in the development cycle, we can ensure that we are releasing a more aligned and powerful Procorem.

Early Access Details

  • Participation is completely voluntary and there are no set expectations on the amount of time/feedback provided
  • Designed to give a select group of users access to Procorem features prior to general release
  • Users will be provided login access to a pre-release version of the software and given guidelines to review each new feature
  • Users will be able to provide feedback directly to Procorem development team to ensure features reflect market needs
  • Each participant will have direct contact with our Procorem Product Manager to share any challenges, questions or concerns with Procorem

How to Participate

If you are interested in participating, please email us at or give the Procorem Product Manager, Greg Rohan, a call at 720-746-2427.  Again, even if you do choose to participate, there is no expectation that you provide feedback for every release.  The amount of time you commit to the program is completely up to you.

With participants like you involved in the Early Access Program, Procorem will continue to deliver on our mission to provide a comprehensive project management and collaboration tool designed to support your business!

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