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Procorem Focus On Human-to-Human

Procorem is a cloud-based tool for collaborative business. In one secure and easy-to-access place, your company can set up deal rooms, manage compliance activities, perform due diligence, safely share sensitive information with clients and partners, and more. Real-time alerts and notifications by email keep everyone in the loop, and company leaders can monitor project progress in executive dashboards.

Procorem was built with the understanding that no matter the industry, business is conducted human-to-human—and our processes and tools ought to reflect it. The result is the first business social tool in the market, combining elements of project management, human workflow, social networks, and business best practices.

About The Difference

What sets Procorem apart from other business apps? While our solution is super flexible, highly secure, and more affordable than other comparable products (take a look at our pricing), the real difference is how thousands of subtle differences combine to offer a more usable experience.

You can set up your Procorem account in minutes, and immediately begin creating WorkCenters for your projects and business processes. It’s easy to define the role-based permissions of your team, assign tasks, collaborate on projects, and get things done.

Leadership Team

    In 1998, Shawn McKenna founded ProLink Solutions to provide enterprise-level technology solutions for the financial services sector. His experience in banking, finance, and software development has allowed him to lead the company to create award-winning solutions for its clients. In 2012, Shawn and his team built Procorem, designing it to incorporate the best business practices they’d distilled over years of software design and implementation.
    For more than 14 years, Brian Kohn has led the development of ProLink software and solutions. He led the charge in designing and building Procorem.