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What can Procorem do for you?

Procorem is designed to support the way YOU work. Project workflow, document collaboration, project management all in a single system!

Document Collaboration Project and Task Management Project Portal Mobile and Secure

Document Collaboration

Store, share, and collaborate on your project documents in a secure, digital location. Everything’s in one place so information is easily accessible to both internal and external parties. Configurable security settings on Procorem WorkCenters ensure your information stays safe and secure.

Project and Task Management

Procorem provides complete task management for your project. With task dependencies, instant notification, customizable task groups, configurable approval processes, and more, Procorem has the flexibility to manage your next project, no matter how complex!

Project Portal

Procorem is your project portal for critical project activity. Comment on documents or tasks, and quickly post project updates to the group with email notifications to ensure everyone is on the same page. Securely share information with local and remote team members, external partners, and customers with complete confidence. Procorem is designed from the ground up to facilitate internal and external partner collaboration in a single application.

Mobile and Secure

Whether on-site, in front of potential investors, at the office, or working from home all your project information is at your fingertips. Procorem is completely mobile and can be accessed from your phone, tablet or computer without the need for downloading separate apps.

Procorem provides multiple layers of customizable security to ensure you control the flow of information for each project, team or activity.  Procorem’s security architecture keeps all your information safe and secure from malicious third parties.

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Mobile Enabled

Procorem is completely mobile and can be accessed from your phone, tablet or computer without the need for downloading separate apps.

Tracked & Audited

All activity in Procorem is 100% auditable and tracked. Automatically create an institutional record of key project decisions, activities and outcomes.  See history by project, account, document, and task!

Unlimited Guests

With Procorem, you never have to pay for guests. Invite as many collaborators as you want to make sure you have a single solution for all your project needs.

Universal Search

Procorem’s advanced search functionality allows you to search WorkCenters and entire accounts to find what you are looking for in an instant.

Email Integration

Save an important email by forwarding and posting it to a Procorem WorkCenter. Any files you attach will be uploaded, too.

Apps & API

Easily extend the power of Procorem with a secure API that lets you integrate with back-end systems. For complex processes, work with our team to build a custom app to meet your needs.