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Real Estate Development Software

Project Management for Developers

During the life cycle of a project there can be a handful of different project participants, such as State HFAs, Local HFAs, Syndicators, Investors, and more, through the different phases from origination, through construction management, until asset management and tenant management. Effective collaboration during these different stages is imperative in order to ensure that no critical business processes go undone.

Today, more than ever, business collaboration relies on the effective coordination of many parties – both internal and external to your organization. Without a standardized way to govern communication, manage milestones and stay on top of tasks, critical business activities get lost in the shuffle. Additionally, there is a personalized activity feed to easily and quickly see all the daily activities of your team members.

Procorem’s project and task management software functionality gives you direct insight into your project status and performance. Customize tasks by project and create templates to easily get a new project started.

What else can Procorem do?

Project Scheduling Construction Management

Task Groups

Customizable task groups allow you to match task workflow with core business processes. Control order and grouping of all tasks.

Work Flow

Procorem’s task functionality allows you to control the order of task completion. Easily control the order of task completion.


Mobile Enabled

Procorem is completely mobile and can be accessed from your phone, tablet or computer without the need for downloading separate apps.

In-App Security

Procorem provides configurable security roles to control what a user can do. WorkCenters provide a core layer of security so you are only sharing information with the right people.

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